Basketball is a great international game bringing diversity and inclusion across the Globe. Grace basketball is a individually designed program by 2000 Olympian and NBL Wildcat Legend & Hall of Fame basketballer Ricky Grace.

The program is a culmination of Ricky’s: 

  • 30 years of basketball experience at every level of playing and coaching in Austalia and the U.S. 
  • Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and over 25 years of working in schools
  • 25 Years as an outstanding leader of teams and mentor of youth
  • 16 years as a professional athlete

Grace Basketball showcases leading skills coaches, outstanding and progressive programs and a knowledge of the game that is second to none!  All Grace Basketball programs are conducted in an environment that prioritises player enjoyment along with skill development

Two Fold Objective

  1. To create recreational opportunities for children to learn and play a sport while gaining the essential skills, fitness, technical and mental approach along with the satisfaction of participating in a productive and wholesome activity.
  2. To support the basketballer with goals to become better in their Domestic or WABL competition or to be an eventual participant into the American high school, college system, or pro.